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Square Pyramid Pirate


John Alexander, Joe Riccio, and Eric Austin met during their high school years, navigating through adolescence in the best way that three suburban kids, each with a wide range of differing influences, could manage; we formed a band together.

With Eric on drums, Joe on bass guitar and vocals, and John on guitar and vocals, we like to think that our music defies classification and attempts to embody our diverse influences.  Sonically we resonate as fans of 90’s Alternative and Jam bands such as Phish, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction who were in their prime when we began, as well as Classic Rock from Tom Petty and Stevie Ray Vaughan to The Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Rush and beyond.  We began writing our own songs way back when the group began and never stopped.  


Fast-forward through our paths of marriages, families, careers, and each of us ending up in different locations around the globe, we are excited to be still producing and recording new Square Pyramid classics.  We strive to preserve the legacy of American Blues music and rock choice cuts from our favorite artists like Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and B.B. King.  We are proud to be playing at our highest caliber today. 


The very first official Square Pyramid record is now available on all major platforms worldwide.  It features the ultimate collection of our material and was a triumph to have had the opportunity to create together, after so many years. We put everything we could into the songs and hope you will listen. We live to play. We play to live.

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