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John Alexander - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals

Joe Riccio - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Eric Austin - Drums & Percussion

Robert “Bad Bob” Newman - Blues Harp on Run Down Dirty Soul & Creaturas

All songs written by Square Pyramid except "Fixing a Hole".


Produced by Square Pyramid

Executive Producer: John Alexander

Mixed and Mastered by Ron Shaffer at Atlantic West Studios.

Liner Notes:


This album is dedicated to Square Pyramid and all of those who have supported our band including our family, friends and fans. More than 30 years ago we became a trio and immediately began writing and performing original songs together with choice covers in front of live audiences. Those were good days. Eric’s basement was home base for writing, rehearsing, learning, evolving, and hanging out. For numerous ethereal reasons including the patience and tolerance of Mr. and Mrs. Austin, it proved to be a beacon for channeling our musical creativity, development, and dexterity. It was there on a primitive 4-track tape recorder during the summer of 1990 that we made our very first “demo tapes”. We were hooked on hearing our musical visions come to life and proud to be songwriters. We feel lucky that it took the amount of time it did to produce this record. The band is captured here in full maturity, delivering our highest intensity music to date. This collection of songs touches on many of the different genres that influence and inspire us. Finally, and after so long, we are proud to present the material here and hope that it will offer you similar musical enjoyment as it did for us to create. 


This work would not be possible if not for the support of Jennie Alexander, Christine Riccio, Frank, Ceci, John, Jenna, Anne Austin, Rowe Austin, Jonathan Austin, and Linda Austin.

Thank you to all the outstanding musicians we cut our teeth with over the years.

Very  special thanks to T.H. White, Jason McIsaac and Todd LaChance.

1. Crimea
2. Run Down Dirty Soul
3. Fixing a Hole *
4. Titan
5. Raina
6. Way Back When
7. Crush the Bone
8. Riddled In the Night
9. Creaturas
10. Thread
11. Rose Hill

Track  List:

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